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When it comes to business, Peter Zieve is very detail oriented. He knows that the automated equipment, tools, and solutions that they offer require utmost precision in design and development, manufacturing, and assembly because the safety of their clients’ customers depends on it.

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Peter Zieve established Electroimpact, Inc., in 1986, and he serves as the company’s CEO from that time on until the present. In a nutshell, Elecrtoimpact specializes in factory automation and tooling solutions. The company started as a supplier of machine tools for Boeing, the reason why the company is located close to Boeing Corporation’s Everett Plant. Over the years, Electroimpact has expanded its reach and business to include such big names in their respective fields as Airbus, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fuji Heavy Industries, Spirit Aerospace, Vought, Northrop-Grumman, Israeli Aircraft Industries, Xi’an Aircraft of China, Bombardier, and Embraer, to name a few.

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Peter Zieve and Electroimpact have likewise acquired patents for their inventions, some of which include the following:

  • Electromagnetic Repulsion System for Removing Contaminants Such as Ice from the Surfaces of Aircraft and Other Objects
  • Two Axis Tracer for Fastener Operations
  • Apparatus for Loading Fasteners in a Cartridge
  • Fastener Feed System
  • Robotic Manufacturing System with Accurate Control
  • Electromagnetic Bolt Insertion System
  • Power Supply for an Electromagnetic Riveting Apparatus
  • Base Assembly for Automatic Riveting Machine
  • Ground Fault Detection System in a Power Supply for an Electromagnetic Riveting Apparatus
  • and a host of others

To better serve its customers, Electroimpact employs a team of professional and highly experienced design engineers; a critical component of Peter’s laser-sharp attention to detail. The full-time staff of design engineers also enables the company to attend to their client’s concerns and issues swiftly and efficiently.

As a parting note, Peter Zieve shares the following:

“Electroimpact’s mission is to be the premier supplier of automated equipment to the worldwide aircraft industry. To do this, we will hire the best people and remove all barriers which would prevent them from doing the best job they can.”