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Six Ways to Give Back to the Community

Six Simple Ways to Give Back to Your Community by Peter Zieve

For a lot of people, giving back to the community only means one thing: donating cash. While cash donations or financial assistance do help the community, there’s more to this call to generosity than cash donations. For businessman and philanthropist Peter Zieve, giving back to your community can take in many forms and shapes, and it can come in different sizes, too. The important thing is you have the desire to help and the actions you took to fulfill that desire.

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Here are six simple ways to give back to your community as shared by Peter Zieve:

1. Be a good neighbor

For Peter Zieve, one of the best ways to give back to your community is to be a good neighbor. Something as simple as keeping your front yard clean and free of debris or objects that could cause tripping accidents is already being a good neighbor. But you can take it several steps further by helping out a neighbor clean their yard or mow the lawn. You can also babysit for free, bring over chicken soup for a sick neighbor or volunteer to carpool when their car won’t start.

2. Volunteer at the community center

Community centers often have programs that need volunteers. This could be a clean-up drive or a recycling program or some other project for a good cause. Sometimes, they need volunteers for a specific need like a graphic artist for the program’s posters or a trained lifeguard to watch the neighborhood kids for a day camp program. Peter Zieve suggests you visit your community center to find out how you can help.

3. Mentor the youth

Public schools and communities sometimes have mentorship programs where they seek the help of professionals to mentor the youth. Peter Zieve, for one, has been mentoring young students for years. He wants to give the youth from displaced communities or families a chance at a brighter and better future.

4. Buy local

Give back to your community by buying local. Support vendors and small business in your neighborhood and patronize their products or services. Advertise these too, and encourage friends and family to buy locally as well.

5. Hold a fundraiser

Organizing a fundraiser is also one of the best ways to give back to your community as you are encouraging a lot more people to help as well, and the money raised can achieve more and help more. Get the neighborhood to join in and plan the whole thing together. It’ll be more fun, says Peter Zieve.

6. Teach your children to be good human beings

Last but not least, raise good children. Teach and show them the importance of generosity and compassion, respect and tolerance, and above all, of being good stewards of the planet.