Peter Zieve The Role of Engineers in Our Lives

Peter Zieve on the Role of Engineers in Our Lives and Why They are Becoming Increasingly Important

What would life be without engineers? Can you imagine a world without engineers? For Peter Zieve, every great invention that benefited the world started with an idea, and most of the time, that idea was born from the curiosity of an engineer’s mind.

What is ‘engineer’?

Peter Zieve shares, the dictionary defines engineers as “a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works.” Its synonyms include originator, designer, inventor, creator, and developer.

Early Man invented tools for hunting, which makes him the first engineer. As eras pass and the years evolve, thousands upon thousands of inventions were introduced, and each one of these had at its core a very basic yet utterly important goal: to make life just a little bit easier for everyone.

Fast forward to the 21st century and we have a myriad of technologies that were once deemed as impossible, improbable, useless, far out, and even “out of this world.” Today, shares Peter Zieve, these technologies are the very same ones that people can’t live without. From agriculture to education, the business sector, healthcare industry and all other industries, they all rely on very specific technologies. These technologies, in large part, were conceptualized, designed and developed by engineers. Engineers also had a hand in manufacturing them.

The very tool that Peter Zieve uses to write and publish this post was developed by an engineer. Automated processes in customer service, business operations, and accounting and finance either rely on equipment designed by an engineer or a software program developed by a software engineer.

This revolution in technology will only rise even further as the years go by, says Peter Zieve, especially in this day and age of the internet and everything becoming digital.

Further, as the public becomes more involved in saving the planet, engineers are put to the task of developing tools, equipment, and solutions that will lessen the impact of day-to-day activities on the environment; from reducing air pollution to using sustainable energy.

All of these, says Peter Zieve, are exactly the reasons why engineers will become an even more integral part in society, and why they will only become increasingly more important in the coming years.

Going back to the question above: Can you imagine a world without engineers? We might not be around to even talk about it today if there were no engineers in the world.

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