Peter Zieve on Internship Benefits

3 Ways an Internship Benefits Your Future Career by Peter Zieve

Peter Zieve is a businessman who founded Electroimpact, Inc., a company that specializes in assembly automation and robotics, more than two decades ago. And as a businessman who has had the privilege of working with some of the best people in the industry, he often gets asked about the best way to jumpstart a career. His answer would always be, get an internship.

For a lot of college students, their biggest fear is not landing a job after graduation. This is where an internship becomes valuable, says Peter Zieve; so his advice is: “Apply for internships as soon as possible and don’t stop until you get at least one.”

Here are three ways that an internship can benefit your future career, as shared by Peter Zieve:

1. It gives you exposure and experience

If you were to consider only one reason for getting an internship, it would be this. There’s no better way to get your feet wet than to intern at a company in your chosen field or industry. Peter Zieve shares, “Remember this: employers want someone who has at least some level of experience in their chosen field or industry.” You may be the delegated office copier or the runner, the PA, or what-not; but the important thing here is that you got exposure and you gained experience. That would count for something when applying for your first job fresh out of college.

2. It shows your commitment to learning

One of the things that employers appreciate about applicants is their willingness to learn and be trained. An internship shows both. On top of that, it also shows that you are committed to pursuing the career that you’ve chosen, says Peter Zieve. If you’re willing to give up precious time—time you could have spent relaxing and enjoying activities after a grueling day in school—to intern, it shows that you’re not only committed to your future career but more significantly, you’re actually passionate about it.

3. You open doors for a full-time job after graduation

What Peter Zieve means by this is that you open doors for you to get hired as a full-time employee at the company you interned for once you graduate. Your chances of getting hired for a full-time position will improve if you interned for one of the company’s top executives or managers. If you proved that you could be a valuable asset to the company during your internship, you’re well on your way to getting hired after graduation.