Giving Back to the Community by Peter Zieve

On Giving Back to the Community: 3 Reasons to Embrace It by Peter Zieve

Peter Zieve is the founder of Electroimpact, a firm that specializes in assembly automation and robotics. A philanthropist at heart, he has been actively involved in various advocacies. He currently sits as a Board Member for Camp Solomon Schechter. He has also sponsored events and programs for YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, and local STEM programs. Additionally, Peter Zieve implemented the Electroimpact Internship Program that benefits 200 Kamiak kids.

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As you can see, giving back to the community is a huge part of Peter Zieve’s life. If you were to ask him why he gives, his quick reply would be; “Because it’s the right thing to do.” But personal reasons aside, here are three reasons why he encourages everyone to give back to the community:

1. It makes others happy

It seems simple enough, says Peter Zieve. Giving makes others happy. Imagine someone who has been down on their luck for years; someone who has found no reason to keep on living and trying. And then imagine that person receiving help from a stranger. It’s the kindest gesture they’ve ever received. It’s the kind of gesture that they need at that moment. And it’s a gesture that truly, genuinely made them happy.

Giving, says Peter Zieve, restored their faith in a higher power, in humanity, and in themselves. When you give to the downtrodden and less fortunate, you give them a reason to be happy again and to believe once more that anything is possible; that they can get out of their situation and start over. You make them feel that you see them. Sometimes, being made to feel that their existence is acknowledged and appreciated is all the push that they need.

2. It builds friendships and relationships

When you give, you become part of a community, and that community may comprise people from various walks of life, people from different sectors, and people you may not have had the privilege to know had you not joined that charity event or volunteered your time. People, Peter Zieve, you could forge friendships and partnerships with; and people who could enrich your life in ways you could never have imagined.

3. It boosts your energy and enhances your well-being

Peter Zieve shares: “Numerous studies have shown that giving helps relieve stress, fights off depression, and generally makes you feel good.” Peter Zieve has always felt that giving benefits the giver more than the recipient. The act of giving, of doing something for someone who can never pay you back, has been found to enhance physical health and improve longevity.

And remember, if not for anything else, it’s the right thing to do.