Donating Locally to Help Improve the Economy

Peter Zieve Asks: 3 Ways Donating Locally Benefits the Economy?

While Peter Zieve is passionate about his business and what they do for customers, he is more passionate about helping others. Over the years, he has supported a number of charities and causes especially those that benefit the youth. And he doesn’t plan on giving up his charitable works anytime soon.

Peter Zieve is an advocate for supporting local charities, such as the ones in your own neighborhood and community. What a lot of people don’t realize is that donating locally not only benefits the people that receive the assistance but more significantly, the economy as well. Peter Zieve explains further below.

Here are a few ways that donating locally benefits the economy:

1. You empower the beneficiaries to better their lives

The lack of opportunities, personal circumstances, trauma, domestic abuse, and poor decisions are some of the reasons why some people lose their jobs, their homes, and even their kids or why some people become poor. Others who are born into a low-income family struggle to get out of poverty because of a lack of education. It’s a cycle that must stop, and the best place to start is right in your own backyard. When you help the poor in your community, you empower them to improve their lives, shares Peter Zieve.

And improving their lives mean getting a job or getting a high school diploma or whatever else they wish to pursue to get out of their situation. What this translates to in the end is a better economy because the poor have become active contributors to society. And usually, they give back to the community by helping others who are now in a situation similar to what they’ve gone through and overcome.

2. You give local businesses a boost

Local charities support local businesses by sourcing their project needs, whether for building a daycare center or a feeding program, from local providers. It’s more feasible logistically, and it’s more affordable to use local resources for whatever they need. So when you support a local charity, you are, in a way, supporting local businesses, too.

3. You keep the money within your locality

Last but not least, you keep the money circulating within your community or locality. When you donate to national charity, that money may not be used specifically for a project or cause, but instead, it will be used to pay for the salary of the executive running the national charity. Donating locally, you’re more certain that the money will go directly to the cause or beneficiary, and that money will be used within your community. In other words, you keep the money local, says Peter Zieve, which improves cash flow.